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Data Mining and Reporting

Data Mining (also known as Knowledge Discovery), is the process of automatically searching for recurring patterns through large volumes of data. Intelligent data mining can have a positive and dramatic impact on your business.  Every company, regardless of industry, location or size, has a need for real time, on demand and accurate statistics, information retrieval, and comprehensive reporting.
JAMSTechs' specialists can create for you automated processes that will simplify and support all of the aspects of your daily operations. Intelligent data mining can have a positive and dramatic impact on your business.
After providing the proper environment for storing and retrieving your data we can generate custom enterprise reports to support business decision makers to:

  • Access most up-to-date data to support growing business
  • Analyze data more effectively with data provided in dashboards and user-friendly formats
  • Empower decision makers with business-critical information
  • Archive reports for historical comparisons and data aggregation

JAMSTechs can provide custom enterprise reports for each level of business decision maker in your organization including:

  • Business performance reports including Key Performance Indicators
  • Financial and budgeting reports
  • Staffing and employee productivity reports
  • Historical growth or change reports


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